StubHub goes Mobile

This week, we unveiled the latest installment in the collection of iPhone/iPad applications by eBay Inc.: the StubHub app. Kudos to my colleagues. They didn’t limit themselves to the traditional purchase flow, like: search event, select seats, buy tickets. Instead, they raised the bar higher in several ways:

  1. I scroll through the list of events near my current location
  2. Alternately, I can correlate the performers in my iPod list with upcoming local events
  3. I share event news and ticket availability on Facebook or Twitter
  4. I get a map to the nearest FedEx/Kinko offices in case I need to print tickets on my way to the event

Great mash-ups. What a terrific tricorder the iPhone turns into for all the night owls out there. Live long and prosper (and do take the time to enjoy those events).

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