Redress apps for Cloud – Netflix

Adrian Cockroft of Netflix (and a former eBay colleague) recently described his journey to run Netflix services off of a public cloud, effectively and efficiently.

Along with Alex Stamos’ security talk that I profiled in the previous same-title blog, Adrian’s talk is easily the best public account of Cloud enterprise “pathfinding” that I have come across in a long long while. From different angles, both talks reach the conclusion that it’s better to re-architect the whole thing rather than tinkering with it. Both talks bear no hype, frills, or inflated expectations.

Adrian goes on to list the “undifferentiated lifting” that is left for Netflix to do and should come instead off-the-shelf from the Cloud portfolio of services:

  • middle-tier load balancing
  • caching
  • encryption services (I’d imagine he means key management services in general)
  • distributed application management (a tough nut to crack, this one!)

which we will hopefully see soon in Clouds near us. Thank you for sharing, Adrian!!

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