It has taken me a while to reconnect with my public persona. My last public appearances dated back to the end of 2006, when I was talking about the contents of my book. Since then, I’ve wrapped up a journey (networking) and begun a new one (Internet services) right away, and full throttle.

Long before Clouds and Grids, some DARPA researchers in the 80s and 90s started talking about large-scale distributed systems. This is what I took an interest in, way back then, and continue to unravel to this date, while surfing over various peaks of inflated expectations and troughs of disillusionment (in Gartner’s very terms). I have taken on large-scale distributed systems from a number of vantage points, including research, microcomputers, operating systems, interconnects, storage protocols, security, and data communication.

It is about large-scale distributed systems that I will be talking primarily in this blog, along with some non sequiturs. I’m particularly inspired by new research results and the opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between Academia and industry.

Yet, I anticipate that the blog entries will be few and far between. My day job takes a great deal of my focus and energies. Furthermore, my position calls for many close encounters with vendors and their strategic views, all of which are protected by confidentiality agreements. I can have a blog and still uphold myself to the highest standards in confidentiality, so long as I take the due time to comb my own writing and root it to material that is of public knowledge and factual evidence.

While I am an eBay Inc. employee, the opinions in these blogs are my own.

Franco Travostino